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Horse Stables, Equestrian Covers and Riding Arenas

Whether you take care of a horse as your pet or as a performance horse, All Steel Sheds can build the best stable that will keep it safe and warm. We offer horse stables that are sturdy, robust and cost effective. Flexibility in design is still another among our product’s best features. You can choose to have multiple bays, split stable doors, rolling doors, personal access doors, insulation, transparent skylight sheets, tack rooms, whirly bird ventilators, plus a lot of space to keep feed.

Our equestrian covers and riding arenas are multi-purpose and can protect your equine equipment, depending on your need and preference. You can have an extension for your header sheets and even have one or more of its walls enclosed.

All Steel Sheds also capitalises on innovation to ensure the safety of your horse. We understand that an injured horse can cost you an enormous amount, so to prevent injuries from happening we make sure that our stables, covers and arenas come with safety features on all exposed surfaces such as its doors, locks, feeders and feed rails.
Our steel horse stables, covers and arenas also offer great advantages compared to the traditional ones. For one, they don’t allow termite infestations because there is no timber in the structure. You can be assured of a cleaner environment and need not worry about rotting and cracking. You are spared from fire hazards in large part as well when you have a sprinkler system installed.

With a stable or arena from All Steel Sheds, you can be confident of the safety of your horse and staff all year round.