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Steel Sheds

Sheds have always been useful. Contrary to the belief of many, these simple, typically single-floor, roofed structures do not act just as storage for one’s belongings. They can also be an ideal place for your work, hobby, and recreation or simply for any tinkering around that you enjoy doing.

Since they have a long list of purposes, sheds need to be versatile and spacious. We’ve never met anyone who thought their shed was too big! Don’t scrimp on the size of the shed to save a few dollars now because you will regret it in a years time when the shed has become an extra storage room, temporary ping pong arena, boat repair zone and all weather bbq space.

Work out what the maximum allowable size is for a shed on your property, decide if you need backyard space for any other activities or gardens and think about what you have to put in the shed and then double what you imagine you want to store in there. Quite often the colour scheme of a shed can be fairly similar to your fence, roof and guttering so that it looks like it belongs with the house and is not in stark contrast to its surroundings.

All Steel Sheds designs and manufactures only the best quality steel sheds in the country. They are also customised to meet your preference of size, spans, doorways, windows and ceiling height.

Important features for steel sheds

All Steel Sheds sees to it that the most important features when purchasing steel sheds are at par with the standards set not only by the industry, but by our clients as well.

Quality of materials
A basic consideration when determining the strength of a steel shed is the quality of the materials. Specifically, the thickness of the steel or metal used is a foremost factor in determining the capacity of the shed to protect and secure the properties stored in it. We use materials that are thick and corrosion resistant. Quality surface coatings are used to prevent rusting. We deliberately build sheds from industrial strength sections of steel. We’ve never built a flimsy shed that will wobble and lean in a strong southerly and we’re not about to start building such ‘disposable’ sheds now.

Roof style
Our designers can create a variety of roof styles fit for the steel sheds we build. Whether its pent, gabled, flat or any other type of roof, we make sure that it is a strong one, which can withstand the elements and will stay attached to your steel shed even in strong winds.

Lock and door styles
We offer effective locking mechanisms for your shed’s maximum security. We make sure that whether it’s a simple hasp and padlock or a complicated one such as a keyed lock used, your properties will always stay safe inside it.

The doors also come in different styles – the standard hinged type, sliding or roller shutter doors, they all contribute to the security of the shed. If you would like us to help with the installation of additional security in the shed such as motorcycle locking points or roller door floor bolts then let us know. We also ensure that the door of your shed will open wide enough so you can maneuver your possessions in and out of the structure. If you are planning on buying a couple of wide boats or trailers or thinking you might go from two cars to three, then the best time to discuss that is before we start designing your shed.

Since our sheds are built to last a lifetime, we give you a guarantee no other firm can match. Rest assured that they will perform well beyond the specified manufacturers warranty of materials.

Although quite limited compared to having a wooden shed where you can drill and screw fittings and fixtures all over the place, we can still have shelves and hooks fitted in your shed. We can also put skylights and additional windows to let you save on power consumption and provide ventilation.

We offer a wide array of colours for you to choose from. If there is a colorbond colour available then you can have it for your shed. There is generally a shade and tone that will match a property’s theme and the roofing is the same material as you find on a colorbond house roof with variants that match or contrast most tiled roofing as well.