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Steel Carports

All Steel Sheds builds steel carports that are strong and affordable. They come in different sizes, shapes, colours and styles to meet your preference. Although they offer less protection compared to garages, carports from All Steel Sheds are still able to shield your vehicles from sun, heat, rain and hail. Carports can have one or many bays suitable for either a single driveway at home or wide spanning rural shed. Often a carport will be provided in a business park or commercial area so that work vehicles are kept out of the heat and sunlight that fades paint and interiors.

Uses for your new carport at home

  • Storage or parking for different types of vehicles
  • Storage for boats and caravans
  • Covered area for entertainment, recreation and other outdoor activities

Provision of carports in commercial spaces

  • Storage or parking for vehicles of tenants, customers and employees
  • Covered area for displays, outdoor shops and space for retail
  • Storage for boats and other marine craft
  • Storage for garden/lawn equipment or machinery

Materials which make up a durable carport

All Steel Shed’s carports are made of galvanized steel and colorbond which makes these structures long-lasting with little to no maintenance. There are two types of hard-wearing materials your ideal carport can be made of.

Galvanised steel
This is one of the long-lasting materials for carports. We use it for support or pillars of the carports and steel sheet as roof. This makes our carports strong enough to withstand rain, hail and gale force winds. Galvanized steel also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the carports, it looks tough, industrial and sensible.

This is usually the outer shell of a galvanised steel structure which comes with a sturdy coating resistant to moisture, UV rays and other extreme external conditions. They come in various formats suitable for roofing and walls.