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Web Truss Buildings

Web Truss buildings and hot roll columns are the ideal pre-engineered solution for projects beyond the cold formed frame limits.

Web Truss buildings can be customised to suit your building requirements, no matter how big. The flexible frame options have been designed by a team of industry professionals, meeting the stringent building codes of Australia. Furthermore, Web Truss steel buildings made from quality Australian BlueScope Steel, are manufactured in Australia and are backed by a 20-year Structural Steel Warranty.

The scope of our capabilities with our Web Truss range of buildings is close to limitless (within reason), and we have the perfect solution to suit any application for commercial, industrial or agricultural purposes.

Due to the use of UB columns and a parallel chord web truss; these buildings can allow for heights up to 9m and clear spans up to 50m (conditions apply). Our range of Web Truss building solutions are ultra-strong and offer outstanding value. Ask about our range of Web Truss buildings today.

Quick Turnaround Times: Expect to receive your building kit in approximate 12 weeks using our pre-engineered hot rolled portal system.

Faster Erection Process: These buildings have lighter sections, making them easy to construct and transport.

Outstanding designs at competitive prices.

Inside factory showing skylighting