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Precast Concrete Panels

Precast concrete panels for your shed walls
We can supply and install precast concrete panels for sheds. There are dozens of sheds and stables we have built that we made the precast panels for and we’d be happy to do the same for you.

Environmentally good choice for shed construction
Precast concrete is a good choice for improving the security and temperature control of sustainable buildings. Our panels are locally manufactured using local concrete suppliers to minimise transport costs. The reusable forms and moulds are not wasted and the precast process produces minimal waste and any waste is generally recycled.

Recycled materials can be included in the concrete mix, such as slag, fly ash, aggregate, and steel to reduce cost and provide useful structural properties.

When incorporated into passive solar walls the high thermal mass of precast concrete can provide effective use of daylight to reduce heating and cooling costs. Precast concrete’s low water-cement ratio means precast is extremely durable.

Precast concrete walls are strong and have a long life plus they can be recycled if the build is ever demolished. Precast concrete walls are also fire resistant and perform well acoustically.