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Steel Workshops

Workshops, whether for your home or business, have many uses. They can act as an area for a variety of activities whether you work with metal or timber, restore cars or motorbikes, or decide to setup a home-based bicycle maintenance business, you will want to have a dry, secure workshop and shed.

Qualities of steel workshops

Steel workshops built by All Steel Sheds offer a whole lot more, aside from the space for your work and recreation. They are:

Easy to assemble
You need not hire welding gear or onsite fabricators nor will it take a lot of time building a steel shed workshop. Aside from coming in different styles, sizes and colours, workshops from All Steel Sheds come in ready-made components and are easily bolted together.

Safe to use
Since steel workshops are made of non-combustible materials, you can be confident that your property will be fairly well protected from small fires or adverse weather conditions. You can also be assured that your steel workshop can withstand earthquakes and gale force winds.

Environmental friendly
By choosing workshops that are made of steel, you are being eco-friendly since its main material is 100 percent recyclable. No wood or lumber is used and no tree needs to be cut, thereby contributing to the conservation of natural resources. Moreover, the steel industry continues to improve its energy efficiency resulting reduction in its power consumption and pollution.

Other uses of steel workshops

Also known as “man cave”, steel workshops can be installed for any of the following purposes:

A refuge
Each one of us needs some “me” time and a place to retreat after a day’s work. Your workshop can be designed to include a sofa where you can drink, watch films, listen to music, read or do any activity to unwind.

A place to display your collections
You may have other items that cannot be accommodated anymore in your main house, either due to lack of space or simply because they don’t fit in a room’s theme or purpose, such as your old books, toys and tools. Your steel workshop is an alternative place to display them.

An entertainment hub
Having a steel workshop with a wide awning and undercover area in your backyard can be a great place for hosting parties where you and your guests can stay for a bbq and chat without worrying about the weather.