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Steel Warehouses

The popularity of small warehouses with attached offices for trades, growth in e-commerce, expansion of specialised manufacturing, and the takeup of larger industrial premises by storage facilities, logistics and transport companies has led to the increase in demand for warehouse space.

Businesses and property developers want big, affordable, durable sheds and warehouses that can adapt to a variety of uses in the future. Since the ease of access of a warehouse is vital to improve efficiency there is great demand for extra large roller doors. You have to have a big, safe, secure and durable warehouse or workshop to keep your business thriving and growing. A steel warehouse is well suited to a range of business types and sizes.

All Steel Sheds has many years of experience with warehouse sized sheds and structures. We know exactly how wide the spans between walls and pillars can be and how much load there will be on the structure in all conditions. The warehouses we build are made from only the highest-grade steel. They are custom-engineered to meet the varying needs of your business or tenants. Below are the other advantages that make steel warehouses from All Steel Sheds leaders in the field.

What you can expect from the steel warehouses of All Steel Sheds

As these warehouses are made from high quality materials, they are guaranteed to be sturdy and withstand all kinds of weather and other possible causes of destruction – strong winds, mildew, termites and even earthquakes. They are fire and water resistant, making them ideal for the storage of industrial equipment and commercial supplies. They also come with reliable locking features which keep your inventories safe and secured all the time. If you want even greater security and protection from theft and vandalism then consider getting us to install tilt slab concrete walls around the perimeter of the warehouse.

Cost- effectiveness
The steel warehouses we build are pre-designed for a fast and easy erection. They are joined by bolts and nuts and require no onsite welding or complex fabrication. With the reduced cost on its construction, plus little or no maintenance needed at all, you can be confident that all the time we spend on site is going to be put to the purpose of construction and not a day more than required so that your costs are known upfront.

The warehouses we manufacture can easily be modified to suit all kinds of uses and capacities needed for the businesses at the facility. They provide more room for storage and do not lose much space from supporting columns and walls. These structures can easily be extended as well for the growth and expansion of your business, with little cost, both in terms of money and time.