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Steel Storage Sheds

Storage sheds are incredibly useful for homes and gardens, offices, farms and rural properties. You can probably never have enough onsite storage. As much as you might think you have room for everything, there is seemingly endless vehicles, boats, caravans, machinery and tools to keep out of the weather.

All Steel Sheds manufactures quality steel storage sheds that:

  • Store and protect your valuable bikes, tools, equipment and vehicles
  • Keep garden tools, ladders, paint and supplies out of view
  • Provide opportunity for an organised and attractive backyard

The storage sheds we produce are made of galvanized steel and colorbond. They come in variety of sizes – small, medium, large and even extra-large. We also provide a warranty of up to fifteen years for these sheds.

Storage sheds to suit every need

We know that you have your own particular requirements that is why we have designed sheds in a variety of types and styles. We also produce custom-made sheds to suit your preferences. These are just some of the storage sheds that we make:

Bicycle/Motorcycle sheds – offer both convenience and safety to protect your vehicles from thieves, extreme weather and other external elements. We make sure that these sheds have thick concrete slabs and, if you like, a concrete tilt slab wall.

Garden sheds – we’re not talking about your flimsy snap together shed that you bring home in the boot one Saturday afternoon. We built tough sheds that are perfect for all your tools, wheelbarrows, rakes, spades, and your DIY gear for home improvements.

Tool sheds – are for storing your valuable tools. Whether you are a tradesman or a weekend renovator you need a secure place to keep your equipment. There are various designs of these sheds which maximise the space inside. Tool and storage sheds are ideal for homes with small backyards where you aren’t interested in storing vehicles but you need a secure, lockable room where you can store your gear.

Pool shed – this is where you can keep your pool accessories, backyard stereo and speakers, house the pool pump and filter, as a spot for an outdoor shower and hot water heater and even use the roof for solar pool heating.

Accessories for your steel storage sheds

All Steel Sheds also provide the following accessories which can enhance the features and functions of your storage sheds:

  • Ramps – for moving wheeled equipment and hand trucks in and out of the shed
  • Shelves – for organizing your tools and other items kept inside
  • Work benches – for your convenience in case you need to work in the shed