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Steel COLAs

A Covered Outdoor Learning Area or COLA is both a learning and a recreational space, usually found in a school, where various programs and activities are held regularly. Among the common events held in these COLAs are:

  • School assemblies
  • Sport activities
  • Dance programs
  • Concerts
  • Lunch and breaks
  • Meetings
  • Wet weather activites

Features of All Steel Sheds COLAs

All Steel Sheds produces quality COLAs that are guaranteed to keep students, the school staff and their visitors safe and comfortable under the harsh climate of Australia. Below are the qualities of our COLAs that set them apart from covered spaces erected by other companies.

All weather protection
Weather protection ranges from extreme heat, UV rays to the rainy season. Side skirts, extensions, covered walkways and side walls are additional options to ensure protection from rain ingress, strong winds and the glaring sun outside.

Our COLAs come in a variety of sizes, colours and designs that will suit your need and taste.

Designed for safety
Potential sources of dangers are also removed and replaced such as the use of lateral braces instead of diagonal wall braces and the use of padded round columns and flashings with folded edges to avoid the risk of being cut by sharp metal edges.

Advantages offered by All Steel Sheds COLAs

Compared to other covered structures, COLAs from our firm have the following advantages:

  • Hot Dip Galvanized for durability, added protection from corrosion and enhanced appearance.
  • No costly maintenance
  • Fastened with zinc plated bolts and nuts to prevent twisting under heavy winds
  • Better and natural flow of air and light