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Specialty and Large Buildings:
Steel Aircraft Hangar

Whether small or large, recreational or commercial, having an aircraft is a considerable investment that requires a great deal of maintenance and protection. Hangars require more complex engineering than common storage sheds because of the wide spans. All Steel Sheds fully understands this and we design the perfect storage hangar for your aircraft.

Features of the All Steel Sheds aircraft hangars

We offer the best engineered aircraft hangars.

  • Made from high quality and cost-effective materials
  • Strong enough that even high winds will be no problem
  • Supports large space, height and clearance requirements
  • Properly designed for for single engine planes, helicopters and even jets
  • Engineered to suit your door preference – swing out, sliding, stacking, bi-parting or bi-folding
  • Energy- efficient insulation on the roof and walls
  • Coated with Energy Star® for superior temperature control and lasting colour
  • Customisable for other purposes such as header beamer and special tail doors
  • Can be enhanced with glass, tilt slab, brick veneer, timber or vinyl cladding for aesthetic appeal
  • Pre-fabricated offsite, making it simpler, faster and more economical to construct
  • Meets or exceeds government, CASA guidelines and industry standards

Benefits of using steel hangars

Having a steel aircraft hangar erected by a trusted name and a popular choice in the steel shed manufacturing industry like All Steel Sheds is a wise investment. Compared to old wooden hangars and other traditional materials, having a steel hangar offers considerable advantages.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Water, termite, mould and mildew resistant
  • Low maintenance cost
  • On top of these advantages, our company offers consultation, site inspection, technical support, and assistance during construction to ensure that you get the most out of our steel aircraft hangars.